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Information For 2018 Towers Rush

Helpful Information For Sunday!!

Free Breakfast: 7:30am – 8:20am
Briefing: 8:30am (MANDATORY At The Showgrounds – start location)
Start: 9:00am
Finish: 1:00pm   Presentations: 2:00pm


*Listen to live music, participate in free activities (including a water slide) and chat whilst results are calculated – Thanks to Charters Towers Regional Council)*



  • When you arrive at The Showgrounds, proceed to the Registrations tent (will be a big orange tent).
  • Let the registration people know the name your team is registered under (Team Captain or Team Name)
  • Your team will be given an indemnity form to sign (all competitors over 18 must sign this form).
  • You will then hand this form in, and received your Towers Rush Clue sheet
  • At 8:30am event day there will be a briefing to explain the rules and safety information
  • At 8:50am event day you will be given your Towers Rush map
  • You will have 10 minutes to look over the map and use the Clue sheet to work out your team strategy for maximum fun (and points).
  • At 9:00am the rush will start and you can proceed to find checkpoints.



Are you in the correct category? Remember we have corporate & school categories available, we can change your category if you want, just let us know.

What do I bring?
There are water challenges so make sure clothing is suitable to get wet and the potential to get dirty. Sunscreen, hat, and water are essentials! Remember to have at least 1 phone to call HQ in an emergency & don’t forget your mascot!!

One Toy character team mascot per team! (ether teddy bear, figurine or similar idea… be creative – to be in your photos)

Safety Reminder
Bike teams be sure to bring your bike locks with you and to use them. Bike teams can use the bus, however, bikes cannot go on the bus so be sure to lock them up.

Best Dressed
Remember to get the whole team dressed up, the best-dressed team will win a prize!


  • There is a strict 4hr time limit for the events based on what time they actually start, so bring a stopwatch so you can milk every last minute of that time limit to find checkpoints and challenges
  • Every minute or part thereof that you are late will incur a loss of points (eg 10 seconds is a part of a minute, one minute and ten seconds is 2 parts of and will incur negative points)
  • Do not use a phone or other device to look for a way around the course, nor can you search any such devices to answer the clues
  • Guessing an answer will result in negative points if that answer is wrong
  • Colouring in all answers will receive a negative score for each answer which means you will potentially get negative points in your final score.
  • You may not share answers with other teams, you must attend the checkpoint yourself and the answer is simply a control measure to prove you were there.
  • There are 3 Categories to get around the course BY FOOT, BY BIKE OR BY VEHICLE, the purpose of the different modes of transport is that there are varying degrees of fitness and some people will really want to get all the activities in but not up for running everywhere BUT each category will not compete against each other, merely in their own classes.
  • BY FOOT competitors You must Walk, Jog, Run or Bus your way around the course (kids can use scooters or bikes to keep up with jogging adults but must stay with the team and under the guidance of adults)
  • If you decide to pull out of the event part way through you must inform race HQ of your decision to prevent us from sending out emergency services and search parties to find you


  • This is for groups representing their school – teachers and students
  • Can use car, bike or may use the bus


  • This is for groups representing businesses
  • Can use car, bike or foot


We can’t wait to see you, 
Towers Rush Team
If you have questions please contact or call 0447 496 489


They’re back again as sponsors!!

We are happy to announce to that The Northern Miner are back as a sponsor!!

The Northern Miner are the sponsor of the corporate category. We are pumped that such an awesome local business could be part of our event. Do you want your work involved in this event. Remember we have different categories, a choice for everyone!


Last chance to Towers Rush 2018

Entries have been flowing in under the radar and we hadn’t realised how many team spots had been allocated, we had a look and wow only a handful of spots left today, we cant have that when we know there are so many locals who have been thinking of this event since last year and only think about registration at the last minute so we will add a few more entries online to allow people like this (most of us right) to get things organised…this means we are probably likely to pre sell more spots than normal and we may not be able to take last minute teams.

So you want to get involved?

1st step  convince 1 other person- better still put their name in and tell them they are in (LOL) all you need is 2 people to make a team and put a rego in, you can add team members to a total of 5 people if you get some ring-ins closer to the day. Book your spot Here

2nd step Team Name- choose a name that suits your team, your mission and what you are about in general…Its always great to see a team that commits to a theme which then flows into other areas of the event day.



3rd step Decide on transport- Most people go with the Car category to get the best access to more of the course and cool down between checkpoints.


4th step Costumes/ Uniform- this is where you can really have some fun especially if your team name or team theme is associated…You can use Favourite bands,movies, comics,video games,artwork, your team name or TV as inspiration on what to dress as… remember to ensure you have some comfy stuff underneath you can get wet and sweaty in.

5th Step-All the rest- Some would say you have done the most important parts, now the other tasks which you can probably get away with doing Friday is to read through the boring rules and times of when you need to be where and then ensure you are not late to the event briefings where we can answer any questions, talk you through the hows and the whats of the game etc.

Read FAQ  

Read Format


If you don’t want to participate in the event this year for whatever reason the perfect excuse to sit it out is to be one of our evil little helpers (should i say volunteers?) we are chasing 5 more helpers to run challenges which we have ready to rock and just need a person to make the challenge come to life!

The perfect person for this role is someone who loves watching other people have fun,or are injured and cant be in a team… if you feel you are missing out on the fun and fully functional…you probably want to be in a team 🙂 LOL

Email us and we can put you in a cool spot.








Ravenswood Rush Mini event was a hoot! taken out by “SHE BEASTS”

The Ravenswood 150 years celebrations were fun this weekend and the Towers Rush gang got in on the action with a unique 2 hr Rush around Rvenswood as the best way we now to check out a town.

From the very moment we saw them, the “She Beasts ” team looked ready for action with matching team uniforms and kids squared away for the day, these girls were here for the Win! might we add that they actually conquered all of the Challenges and checkpoints and still had 7 minutes left on the clock…pretty remarkable effort with 1250 points

Not far behind on the points board was Fast + Furious who were only 30 points down in 2nd place, 3rd Place was We should be good at this who were a Ravenswood team hoping fr a home ground advantage.

At the end of the day we handed out prizes to the top 6 teams and showcased some amazing scenery, a great little community and got close to 100 people out and about in Ravenswood which is a hidden little gem of a town that has a great community vibe and plenty of history.


  1. She Beasts  1250 points
  2. Fast + Furious 1220 points
  3. We Should be good at this 1095 points
  4. J Team 1090 points
  5. A Team 940 points
  6. Team ANZAC 934 points
  7. Team Walker 865 points
  8. The Super Awesomes 585 points
  9. Princey 555 points
  10. Bawden 475 points
  11. Miners Wives 470 points
  12. Best Time Ever  460 points
  13. M+L  & the    Unicorns 365 points
  14. Fortnite 345 points
  15. Kirton Warriors 340 points
  16. Giru Girls 285 points
  17. Mizzy Monsters 220 points
  18. DNF
  19. DNF
  20. DNF
  21. DNF


FREE Pre-Event Workshop: Get Motivated, Get Fit! September 13th

Rory Rhodes and Joel Savage will talk you through some of the strategies they have used with fitness clients in the past as well as sharing some of their own personal stories of hardship and success.


  • Goal setting
  • Nutrition and Exercise Guidelines
  • Working around issues and injuries not through them

“There are a few secret hacks and a few not so secret strategies, and we want to run through those with you to get you motivated to be more active, live healthier and seek out more adventure,” says Joel Savage.

We have limited spots available!

Click here to find out more or to register for your spot!

The Wheels On The Bus Go Round and Round again in 2018

The Wheels On The Bus Go Round and Round again in 2018

Those teams registered in the foot division and are worried about the amazing challenges you’ll miss out on, no need to fear! We have organised a 33 seater bus specially for this division to give you a helping hand. The bus will be running on a certain route and specific times. This time table will be given out during the event briefing. 

These challenges were just too good to miss out on. Be smart, make a plan and get those points! Thanks for making this possible Douglas Coaches


Results Are Here !

It was Great to see so many people enjoying the treasure hunt and challenges with Team Numbers up on last years awesome event! All about active community participation and highlighting some of the great things that are available in charters towers

The involvement of more local clubs and businesses was a welcome edition in the 2nd year which was awesome !

Variation of activities was the key as we wanted people to be able to find things to keep them interested after the event was finished.

Hopefully the participants got a taste of a few things which they would like to do more of into the beginning of the sports  season in 2017.

The mix of young and old being involved was great, we loved watching the adults inspire the kids and visa versa

The addition of the free Sanitarium breakfast was really great too

2hr and 4hr Results 2016


Different challenges appeal to different people so it’s really hard to pick favourites

we spent a lot of time helping some scared kids down the abseil station which was great, the fear factor is so hard to overcome but the feeling when you get through it is great.

  • Abseil off the tanks ( a few councilors joined us on this too)
  • Scouts went to a lot of effort with a dunk tank to dunk your team mates,  a flint based fire building challenge and a challenge to set up a tent
  • SES held a rocket building challenge, knot tying skill and filling up sandbags mixing fun with practical skills
  • The radio controlled car club had a racetrack challenge
  • The Pool had a number of challenges- kayak, underwater code breaker challenge, and finding a special power ball in a sea of ping pong balls as well as a wet clothes relay where people need to swap some big shirts over a short swim between team members
  • African dance & Zumba dance were a hit helping to get rhythm
  • Pony rides were a kit with the kids
  • The Miners Cottage was a great source of clues with hundreds of old ornaments to choose from and heaps of history on show as well as panning for gold nuggets as one of the challenges
  • AFL and Rugby clubs were involved with some skills challenges in the park
  • Triceps Gym put together a great blindfolded challenge in the gym
  • The Big 4 caravan park showed off its maze and bouncy pillows
  • The information centre rewarded the patient with a domino’s stacking challenge and coits games
  • Thai chi was a great way to relax and de-stress in the middle of the challenge
  • Participants also filmed their own movie scene out at Tors drive in to celebrate its 50 year anniversary
  • The Golf club played host to dizzy putting (participants have to spin around 10 x before making a putt)


We thank all of you for being a part of this event and hope we have inspired you to get out and do more things active and out of your comfort Zone.

Keep an eye on the Towers Rush Facebook Page for photos and a video to be released soon.

please upload any of your pics and vids to our page also.

Challenges … What can I expect?

The challenges are secret however here are a few things we have done in the past so you know we will be pumping out some of these again as well as taking some of the ideas and substituting for others.

There are hours worth of challenges so it is unlikely you will be able to do them all, however challenges do give great points so its well worth doing them. We have shown you only a sample of what we have but as you can see there are plenty of great fun things to try.

some challenges are for only 1 person to complete and others need 2 or even all team members.

elephants trunk game from towers rush Elephants trunk- knock over bottles

BAl1BkHfdl_rsvCfBzwjHRcqScZuGcqSCgBge2epNi0,27zhJlidCcJwBfQOp3Gp_BNwFhHVZ4jPo4U-qfhJgDc Egg Challenges

2SGEbrkZlBc-bS13a2pLX2_0ifl0_9MVqBueLWLXjGs,djHUQov8E8WLLYqYGp50ZYCSRK-xhRGfljCreBdCB9s6pwy4_kPMkang39oFSey7HT5SI7Jy3l1S5m6DYnZH4k,Dl6MrEV1UFEW0ytdP8FoNcJUI5CZl1xNfbuyUi2vFRA messy challenges

10393950_344467805724889_6994889640847310422_nBlind fold obstacles course

10437458_345220282316308_148964300727218763_n Sports style goal shooting challenges

10351074_344971082341228_1182805351030261494_n Abseil 541554_345221338982869_2062653892167359911_n

10704131_345220618982941_7348200532357296698_n Vinegar Rockets 10462877_345220648982938_4625771186957319945_n

10387603_345756945595975_3584355410508333413_n Dance Challenge

Ping Pong games- Plenty of options with these little guys

10 ways to be motivated to exercise

If I’m being brutally honest, I can say that I’m struggling for motivation to train at the moment.  I’m still doing a few sessions a week, but the creative excuses are starting to flow thick and fast.  Before this situation spirals out of control, I’m going back to the drawing board to work out how I’m going to pull myself out of this form slump.  Here are 10 ways that I reckon will get anyone craving regular exercise:

1.  Set short term goals

What do you want to achieve over the next few weeks and months?  Maybe aiming to do 4 sessions per week, be able to run 5kms without stopping, losing 500 grams.  Go for a blend of challenging and achievable, then write them down!

2.  Set long term goals

Same idea as the short term goals, but obviously looking over the next 6-12 months or even the next few years.  Scaling a particular mountain, walking the Kokoda Trail, doing a half ironman, fitting into size 10 jeans, hitting a 300m drive down the middle of the fairway.  Write them down.

3.  Train for an event

It might be a 5km run, a marathon, corporate team event, triathlon, rowing regatta or regular sporting fixtures.  There are lots of opportunities out there, so find something that tickles your fancy.  A friend is training to do her first marathon at the moment and is going to Paris to do it!

4.  Make it fun

Fun is the key to absolutely everything in life.  If you enjoy the exercise and training you’re doing, you’re going to do everything to be there.  Look at exercise as an opportunity to have fun – it’s not a chore!  John Lennon said all you need is love, well, I reckon all you need is fun!

5.  Make it social

Incorporate your training or exercise with other people.  Play a team sport, train with a group for an individual sport, attend group fitness classes or organise a group of friends, family or work mates to go for a walk together.  Real social interaction beats social media hands down!

6.  Set out a plan

Use your short and long term goals, then work out what you need to do each week and month to achieve these.  Create a map and step it out bit by bit.  Make sure you are challenging yourself, and celebrating when you achieve your goals!

7.  Be accountable

Personal trainers are fantastic for this.  At your weekly, fortnightly or monthly catch ups, you know you’ll need to show them what training you’ve been doing and they’ll be able to see through you if you go for the cover up.  Having said this though, if you’ve taken short cuts or cheated somewhere, the most important person, the one in the mirror, will know.

8.  Commit

If you are meeting someone, somewhere at a specific time, or playing a team sport, no matter what, you simply have to be there.  I know I’ll struggle to pull myself out of bed in the morning to train by myself, but if I’ve committed to a friend or group, then there is no ignoring the alarm option.

9.  Create a support network

Yeah, this sounds a little airy fairy lovey dovey, but if you can talk, text, email and interact with other people in a similar situation as yourself, it can be just the ticket to keep you going when it all seems too much.  There’s over 7 billion people on this planet, so you’re not alone!

10.  Make it fun

Oops, I’ve already said this one, but it is so ridiculously important, that I’m saying it again.  Life certainly isn’t long enough for us not to have fun, so in the words of Wayne Bennett, don’t die with the music in you!

Now go forth and train the house down!

Get Active Bottom Shuffling!!