Results Are Here !

It was Great to see so many people enjoying the treasure hunt and challenges with Team Numbers up on last years awesome event! All about active community participation and highlighting some of the great things that are available in charters towers

The involvement of more local clubs and businesses was a welcome edition in the 2nd year which was awesome !

Variation of activities was the key as we wanted people to be able to find things to keep them interested after the event was finished.

Hopefully the participants got a taste of a few things which they would like to do more of into the beginning of the sports  season in 2017.

The mix of young and old being involved was great, we loved watching the adults inspire the kids and visa versa

The addition of the free Sanitarium breakfast was really great too

2hr and 4hr Results 2016


Different challenges appeal to different people so it’s really hard to pick favourites

we spent a lot of time helping some scared kids down the abseil station which was great, the fear factor is so hard to overcome but the feeling when you get through it is great.

  • Abseil off the tanks ( a few councilors joined us on this too)
  • Scouts went to a lot of effort with a dunk tank to dunk your team mates,  a flint based fire building challenge and a challenge to set up a tent
  • SES held a rocket building challenge, knot tying skill and filling up sandbags mixing fun with practical skills
  • The radio controlled car club had a racetrack challenge
  • The Pool had a number of challenges- kayak, underwater code breaker challenge, and finding a special power ball in a sea of ping pong balls as well as a wet clothes relay where people need to swap some big shirts over a short swim between team members
  • African dance & Zumba dance were a hit helping to get rhythm
  • Pony rides were a kit with the kids
  • The Miners Cottage was a great source of clues with hundreds of old ornaments to choose from and heaps of history on show as well as panning for gold nuggets as one of the challenges
  • AFL and Rugby clubs were involved with some skills challenges in the park
  • Triceps Gym put together a great blindfolded challenge in the gym
  • The Big 4 caravan park showed off its maze and bouncy pillows
  • The information centre rewarded the patient with a domino’s stacking challenge and coits games
  • Thai chi was a great way to relax and de-stress in the middle of the challenge
  • Participants also filmed their own movie scene out at Tors drive in to celebrate its 50 year anniversary
  • The Golf club played host to dizzy putting (participants have to spin around 10 x before making a putt)


We thank all of you for being a part of this event and hope we have inspired you to get out and do more things active and out of your comfort Zone.

Keep an eye on the Towers Rush Facebook Page for photos and a video to be released soon.

please upload any of your pics and vids to our page also.