Get Involved


For Towers Rush to be the absolute best event it can possibly be, the event organisers are rushing around organising partnerships with:

  • Excitable local businesses
  • Go getting community organisations
  • Sporty sporting clubs
  • Forward thinking government agencies
  • Super schools

These tremendous organisations will experience the rush and buzz of implementing challenges for teams and be able to promote their services directly to an attentive local audience.

Examples of the types of activities and challenges organisations could provide include (but We bet you could even think of something better again from your organisation)

·        AFL kicking ·        Kayaking ·        Tai chi movements
·        Archery target shooting ·        Lawn bowls ·        Tennis game
·        Athletics events ·        Massage ·        Time trial run
·        Basketball hoops ·        Mechanical bull ·        Tug of war
·        Blindfolded food tasting ·        Motorcross track ·        Remote control car racing
·        Bowhunting targets ·        Mountain biking ·        Rock climbing
·        Boxing ·        Netball goal shooting ·        Roping cows or calf scruffing
·        Cricket bowling/batting ·        Obstacle course ·        Shuttle run
·        Crossfit circuit ·        Packing a scrum ·        Skate park
·        Dancing ·        Panning for gold ·        Snorkel in the dam
·        Drag racing ·        Par 3 golf ·        Soccer penalty goal kick
·        Drive a 4wd over an obstacle ·        Pistol/rifle shooting? ·        Squash
·        Drive an ATV course ·        Karaoke ·        Hidden treasure in sand
·        Giant yard games ·        Swimming time trial ·        High ropes course
·        Go kart time trial ·        Judo techniques/throws ·        Horse riding
·        Goal kicking ·        Pilates ·        Bootcamp


Don’t procrastinate, rush to get your organisation involved and reap the benefits of the next great Charters Towers rush!