How can I register?

There are 2 ways to register

  • Online – requires a credit card
  • Manual Entry on the day (need to email the organiser well in advance to save your spot as limited entries, maps etc)

What will happen at the Start of Towers Rush?

When you arrive at The Showgrounds, proceed to the Registrations tent (will be a big orange tent).

  • Let the registration people know the name your team is registered under (Team Captain or Team Name)
  • Your team will be given an indemnity form to sign (all competitors over 18 must sign this form).
  • You will then hand this form in, and received your Towers Rush Clue sheet
  • At 8:30am event day there will be a briefing to explain the rules and safety information
  • At 8:50am event day you will be given your Towers Rush map
  • You will have 10 minutes to look over the map and use the Clue sheet to work out your team strategy for maximum fun (and points).
  • At 9:00am the race will start and you can proceed to find checkpoints.

How many in a Team?

2-5 people make up a team & can be your family, friends, corporate/workmates

Don’t worry if you don't have enough to make a team, you can go onto our facebook page to post your interest to create a team…although you only need 2 people to make a team so it shouldn’t be too hard to find one more.

What are the competition rules?

  • There is a strict 4hr time limit for the events based on what time they actually start, so bring a stopwatch so you can milk every last minute of that time limit to find checkpoints and challenges
  • Every minute or part thereof that you are late will incur a loss of points (eg 10 seconds is a part of a minute, one minute and ten seconds is 2 parts of and will incur negative points)
  • Do not use a phone or other device to look for way around the course, nor can you search any such devices to answer the clues
  • Guessing an answer will result in negative points if that answer is wrong
  • Colouring in all answers will receive a negative score for each answer which means you will potentially get negative points in your final score.
  • You may not share answers with other teams, you must attend the checkpoint yourself and the answer is simply a control measure to prove you were there.
  • There are 3 Categories to get around the course BY FOOT, BY BIKE OR BY VEHICLE, the purpose of the different modes of transport is that there are varying degrees of fitness and some people will really want to get all the activities in but not up for running everywhere BUT each category will not compete against each other, merely in their own classes.
  • BY FOOT competitors You must Walk, Jog, Run or Bus your way around the course (kids can use scooters or bikes to keep up with jogging adults but must stay with the team and under guidance of the adults)
  • If you decide to pull out of the event part way through you must inform race HQ of your decision to prevent us from sending out emergency services and search parties to find you

 What to bring?

  • Comfortable clothes suitable for lots of activities across the charters towers course (to jog in and climb through things over things and under things... plus they might get wet)
  • Joggers/ comfortable shoes
  • Socks (maybe even 2 pairs in case 1 pair get wet or sandy)
  • UNDERWEAR… hehe anti chaffing styles recommended
  • Bathers (if you use them as underwear that’s one less thing on your gear list… just check them for chaffing)
  • Emergency mobile phone (at least 1 x Telstra per team) our emergency contacts will be on the maps
  • Camera (can be on your phone however consider battery life)
  • Sun protection (hat, shirt, sunscreen and sunglasses etc)
  • One Toy character team mascot per team! (ether teddy bear, figurine or similar idea… be creative!)
  • Team Uniform* Optional “But hey its always cool to make a team impact” … become colour coordinated & accessorise, have a bit of fun as a team!

What category should I enter?

Car - This category allows you to use your car (or other vehicle) to drive to the further locations in Towers Rush. This will allow you to check out some of the more outlying challenges. There will, however, be parts of the course where cars are banned and you will have to travel by foot.(short sections only)

Bicycle - This category allows your team to travel by Bicycle. If you expect to reach the further challenges, you will. All of the course is accessible via Bicycle (you will need to bring a lock to keep your bikes safe during challenges etc or ensure someone from your team can watch your bike at each challenge

Foot - This category means you can not travel by any other way then on foot or the bus that Towers Rush has provided. You can not hitchhike, taxi, borrow a bike etc. You will not be able to reach the most outlying challenges by foot but there will still be plenty to do around the main hub area. A timetable will be given for the Rush bus, so keep an eye out and plan well.

School - This is for groups representing schools. Teachers and Students may enter this group. It is recommended that students have an adult supervise their team. You may use car, bicycle or foot in this category. School groups may use a bus. Students may have an adult driver for their team. There is a School trophy you will be fighting for and the School group with the most points will win so make sure your school has lots of teams so you have a good chance of getting the win.

Corporate - This if for groups representing businesses. You may use car, bicycle or foot in this category. This is a perfect team bonding experience and gives people the chance to participate as a team outside of the standard work experience.