Activities and Format

NOTE: There may be some format changes due to COVID-19

  • -Approx 10 or so minutes before the Towers Rush event starts we will give you a clue sheet
  • -A few minutes later you will get a map which will have some street names removed (well nearly all)
  • -Each checkpoint will be marked on the map and will correspond to the clue sheet
  • -All of the checkpoints you find and challenges you complete need to be done by the need of your time limit (you will have 4 Hours)
  • -You will write these onto your sheets and you need to get back to the showgrounds in time for this...if you are even 10 seconds late you will lose points, if you are a few minutes late you will lose heaps of points  so keep a keen eye on the watch and enjoy the adrenaline that brings
  • -For those teams who are in the foot division a bus has been hired purely for Towers Rush. This bus will have set times and a route to help teams get to challenges further away.

Some of the challenges are fun games relating to a few sports and skills but also just crazy fun stuff that you might see on a game show like minute to win it... (you should arrange with a few mates to practice a few of them before the event)

IMG_2836 We also don't mind people dressing up a tad either!

12039364_513145388849323_4011182112530733286_nDue to the surprise nature of the event, we need to keep the challenges we are definitely using a bit secret, however we can give you a few concepts and it will give you an idea on training your accuracy playing with ping pong balls, coins, cotton buds, balls and many more crazy activities.


Some of the other challenges we are keen to include are super fun and people can pick and choose the ones that best suit their team. There will also be some simple checkpoints to find which may be simple identification of locations or signs, or finding a little card with markings on them.

Oh Yeh! we also really like to add in Adventure disciplines like a bike ride, abseil or kayak wherever we can... so go through your clue sheet and look for anything adventurous so you don't miss out on them.


other activities: soccer goal scoring challenge, rugby mystery challenge, netball challenge, bike track challenge, kayak challenge, word jumbles, code breakers, run time trial, ride a mechanical bull, ropes, darts, card games, animal challenge.

So there has never been a better time to dust off the old sports gear and start practicing some ball skills like kicking, throwing, batting as well as some fine skills like golf putting... make a date with your mates and pop a practice session part of it and send it to us via the towersrush facebook page and you could win your entry for free!