Challenges … What can I expect?

The challenges are secret however here are a few things we have done in the past so you know we will be pumping out some of these again as well as taking some of the ideas and substituting for others.

There are hours worth of challenges so it is unlikely you will be able to do them all, however challenges do give great points so its well worth doing them. We have shown you only a sample of what we have but as you can see there are plenty of great fun things to try.

some challenges are for only 1 person to complete and others need 2 or even all team members.

elephants trunk game from towers rush Elephants trunk- knock over bottles

BAl1BkHfdl_rsvCfBzwjHRcqScZuGcqSCgBge2epNi0,27zhJlidCcJwBfQOp3Gp_BNwFhHVZ4jPo4U-qfhJgDc Egg Challenges

2SGEbrkZlBc-bS13a2pLX2_0ifl0_9MVqBueLWLXjGs,djHUQov8E8WLLYqYGp50ZYCSRK-xhRGfljCreBdCB9s6pwy4_kPMkang39oFSey7HT5SI7Jy3l1S5m6DYnZH4k,Dl6MrEV1UFEW0ytdP8FoNcJUI5CZl1xNfbuyUi2vFRA messy challenges

10393950_344467805724889_6994889640847310422_nBlind fold obstacles course

10437458_345220282316308_148964300727218763_n Sports style goal shooting challenges

10351074_344971082341228_1182805351030261494_n Abseil 541554_345221338982869_2062653892167359911_n

10704131_345220618982941_7348200532357296698_n Vinegar Rockets 10462877_345220648982938_4625771186957319945_n

10387603_345756945595975_3584355410508333413_n Dance Challenge

Ping Pong games- Plenty of options with these little guys