Experience the Rush in Charters Towers!

Towers Rush Results 2018

MAIN EVENT TOWERS RUSH 2018 Date 4th November– Treasure Hunt meets, Amazing race, Meets minute 2 win it, meets fitness and Adventure!

‘Towers Rush’ is an exciting event that’s going to turn Charters Towers into one big active playground for the day. It is an amazing race style event that is designed to get people of all ages and fitness levels rushing around and having fun being active. Teams of 2-5 participants will explore the far reaches of Charters Towers by bike, car and foot, unravelling riddles, solving puzzles, carrying out activities and overcoming challenges!


This is your chance to delve into the bloody past of gold rush board room negotiations, Get an Adrenaline Rush with an abseil, whack a golf ball, find a needle in a haystack, paddle a kayak, shoot a basketball, lawn bowl, move your body with tai chi or shake your tailfeather, rope a horse, ride a mountain bike without getting bucked off and build a rocket just to name a few!


The entire Charters Towers community will be rushing to register their team and have a fun morning laughing, exploring, learning, socialising, trying new things and most of all being active and healthy together.


We are turning Charters Towers into one big active playground!