Why are we doing this?

Well that's a great question...

We are all really busy and often surrounded by technology and its often quiet easy to go through a day with:

  1. Minimal interaction with other Humans
  2. Minimal activity in our days
  3. Minimal variety in our days

Over time life feels stagnant and eventually we find ourselves sticking to the same old things and not sampling the great options around us. Often we feel intimidated to try something new and as Adults find it hard to get into activities like when we were kids.

In fact after organised sports at schools have finished and we reach the workforce or university often our own health and wellbeing takes a backseat and then when we have kids they get put in the boot or in some cases parked in the garage for a few years. Well Towers Rush is about getting a bit of spark back at least for a day and we hope it gets you to sample something that gets you excited again to go out an be active...We are not trying to turn you into the next Adventurethon champions or anything, just happier and healthier and more importantly connected to other people around you, that's why its about getting out with a team...You can't do it solo!

Towers Rush is also about getting kids out and sampling the many options of activities with sporting clubs and organisations. This event offers activities over the course and is about sampling various options which is great for young kids, it may just help them find a love for activity they never new existed.

We as organisers are passionate about kids being active early to set them up for better success as adults.

Charters Towers Regional Council wants you to get the most out of living in the area and make sure you take as many opportunities as you can.

The Towers Rush event is funded by the Charters Towers Regional Council in the aim of getting more people in the local community being active and healthy.

Council has engaged the expertise of North Queensland event organisers both with fitness industry and club management backgrounds Joel Savage (Adventurethon &Treasure Quest) and Luke Wilson (NQ Corporate Carnival & Captain Actives good friend and manager) to create and implement an exciting community event.

The series of events leading up to and after Towers Rush are designed to provide the Charters Towers community with information about leading a healthy lifestyle and opportunities to try local activities that will hopefully encourage them to continue to be active in the future.