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Ravenswood Rush Mini event was a hoot! taken out by “SHE BEASTS”

The Ravenswood 150 years celebrations were fun this weekend and the Towers Rush gang got in on the action with a unique 2 hr Rush around Rvenswood as the best way we now to check out a town.

From the very moment we saw them, the “She Beasts ” team looked ready for action with matching team uniforms and kids squared away for the day, these girls were here for the Win! might we add that they actually conquered all of the Challenges and checkpoints and still had 7 minutes left on the clock…pretty remarkable effort with 1250 points

Not far behind on the points board was Fast + Furious who were only 30 points down in 2nd place, 3rd Place was We should be good at this who were a Ravenswood team hoping fr a home ground advantage.

At the end of the day we handed out prizes to the top 6 teams and showcased some amazing scenery, a great little community and got close to 100 people out and about in Ravenswood which is a hidden little gem of a town that has a great community vibe and plenty of history.


  1. She Beasts  1250 points
  2. Fast + Furious 1220 points
  3. We Should be good at this 1095 points
  4. J Team 1090 points
  5. A Team 940 points
  6. Team ANZAC 934 points
  7. Team Walker 865 points
  8. The Super Awesomes 585 points
  9. Princey 555 points
  10. Bawden 475 points
  11. Miners Wives 470 points
  12. Best Time Ever  460 points
  13. M+L  & the    Unicorns 365 points
  14. Fortnite 345 points
  15. Kirton Warriors 340 points
  16. Giru Girls 285 points
  17. Mizzy Monsters 220 points
  18. DNF
  19. DNF
  20. DNF
  21. DNF