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Last chance to Towers Rush 2018

Entries have been flowing in under the radar and we hadn’t realised how many team spots had been allocated, we had a look and wow only a handful of spots left today, we cant have that when we know there are so many locals who have been thinking of this event since last year and only think about registration at the last minute so we will add a few more entries online to allow people like this (most of us right) to get things organised…this means we are probably likely to pre sell more spots than normal and we may not be able to take last minute teams.

So you want to get involved?

1st step  convince 1 other person- better still put their name in and tell them they are in (LOL) all you need is 2 people to make a team and put a rego in, you can add team members to a total of 5 people if you get some ring-ins closer to the day. Book your spot Here

2nd step Team Name- choose a name that suits your team, your mission and what you are about in general…Its always great to see a team that commits to a theme which then flows into other areas of the event day.



3rd step Decide on transport- Most people go with the Car category to get the best access to more of the course and cool down between checkpoints.


4th step Costumes/ Uniform- this is where you can really have some fun especially if your team name or team theme is associated…You can use Favourite bands,movies, comics,video games,artwork, your team name or TV as inspiration on what to dress as… remember to ensure you have some comfy stuff underneath you can get wet and sweaty in.

5th Step-All the rest- Some would say you have done the most important parts, now the other tasks which you can probably get away with doing Friday is to read through the boring rules and times of when you need to be where and then ensure you are not late to the event briefings where we can answer any questions, talk you through the hows and the whats of the game etc.

Read FAQ  

Read Format


If you don’t want to participate in the event this year for whatever reason the perfect excuse to sit it out is to be one of our evil little helpers (should i say volunteers?) we are chasing 5 more helpers to run challenges which we have ready to rock and just need a person to make the challenge come to life!

The perfect person for this role is someone who loves watching other people have fun,or are injured and cant be in a team… if you feel you are missing out on the fun and fully functional…you probably want to be in a team 🙂 LOL

Email us and we can put you in a cool spot.