Towers Rush- FREE LEAD IN ACTIVITY! Hike with Captain Active

Towers Rush is in its 3rd year and the successful treasure hunt meets and come and try program has evolved to be a great way for people to get a fresh new look at activities available in the Towers, as well as exploring silly games and challenges which make adults feel like kids again or the kids participating to enjoy screen free fun!

The main towers rush event has been preceded by several free activities over the last couple of months including a Towers Ninja course which saw massive participation with the help of Towers own Rory Rhodes & a series of Primary School visits where captain active taught kids how to make their own obstacle courses at school visits as a way of keeping activity fun and engaging.

Next up in the Free lead up events is the Captain Active FAMILY HIKE ! – Saturday October 14  at Weir Water Park 0830am till 1030am where people are encouraged to Bring water, enclosed walking shoes, hat, sunscreen, sunsmart clothing and a sense of adventure. (parents are welcome and encouraged to be a part of the day) Event schedule is here


Captain Active is excited to see the families coming out to hike around the Weir together and urges kids to make sure they bring their parents out for some fresh air and fun.

“Having the Burdekin river is such an asset to the Town and nature gets a lot of life from that river, we can get a lot of energy by seeing the moving water, the wildlife and the rocks and connecting with nature and get away from vehicles and screens and just enjoy the moment” says Joel Savage of Adventurethon.


After the free lead in activities the main towers rush event will be the focus with the town expecting to host an additional 20 challenges to last years and a new mix of cryptic clues, activities and of course some of the favourites.

“Abseiling was a big hit last year and will be back again, as well as the addition of some kayaking, lifesaving and a few more top-secret ones which can’t be told till 10 mins before the event starts.” Says Luke Wilson of Sporting Advantage

The Charters Towers regional council is a proud partner to the Towers Rush event again in 2017

Towers Rush Main Event Day

  • Date:29th October 2017
  • Free Breakfast: 07:30am – 08:20am
  • Briefing:08:30am
  • Start: 09:00am
  • Finish time: 1:00pm Then Band & Free Activities to keep the fun going whilst scores are being tallied (thanks to Charters Towers Regional Council)
  • Presentations: 2:00pm


Important tips for towers rush main event in October

  • Approx 10 or so minutes before the Towers Rush event starts we will give you a clue sheet
  • A few minutes later you will get a map which will have some street names removed (well nearly all)
  • Each checkpoint will be marked on the map and will correspond to the clue sheet
  • All of the checkpoints you find and challenges you complete need to be done by the need of your time limit (you will have 4 Hours)
  • you will write these onto your sheets and you need to get back to the showgrounds in time for this…if you are even 10 seconds late you will lose points, if you are a few minutes late you will lose heaps of points  so keep a keen eye on the watch and enjoy the adrenaline that brings