Results 2017

Results Are Here !

It was Great to see so many people enjoying the treasure hunt and challenges with Team Numbers up on last years awesome event again! All about active community participation and highlighting some of the great things that are available in Charters Towers….we also had a really warm day so found plenty of reasons to get wet along the way.

The involvement of more local clubs and businesses was a welcome edition in the 3rd year which was awesome ! There was also a bigger contingent from Out of the Towers his year with visitors from all over the place participating: Townsville, Hughenden,Homestead , Millnerran,Cairns,Cobar NSW, Brisbane, & even as far as Victoria … WOW how cool is that!

Hopefully the participants got a taste of a few things which they would like to do more of into the beginning of the sports  season in 2018.

The mix of young and old being involved was great, we loved watching the adults inspire the kids and visa versa

10 000 steps challenge – Bonus points from 100 to 50 were awarded to those teams that took on the 10,000 steps program offered up earlier this year.Winners of the 10,000 steps challenge were also presented a the presentations.

Towers Rush Results 2017  FULL RESULTS CLICK HERE

Schools Challenge Division

  1. Just 4 Girls (Central Primary)
  2. Strikers (Culumba Catholic College)
  3. The Young & the rest of us (Central)

Corporate Division

  1. SheBeasts- Rory Rhodes PT
  2. Rapid Ragnarok- Rapid Conveyancing
  3. rapids Rogue One- Rapid Legal Solutions

Car Division

  1. Mislead
  2. Wild Donkeys
  3. Haldane Madness

Foot Division

  1. Dual Nations
  2. Charlies Trio
  3. Coz Uber was Busy


  1. Todays Image
  2. Tour de Towers


The day started off with Mullet Man and Captain Active warming us up with some quick aerobics before getting the maps and heading off.

  • Abseil off the tanks – a hit many thrill seekers and plenty of peer pressure helping get a few people over the edge
  • Millchester High Ropes course- played the UFO challenge
  • Scouts went to a lot of effort with a dunk tank to dunk your team mates, a rope challenge and a Sling Shot
  • SES held a car pulley challenge where people moved the car with muscle power and brains mixing fun with practical skills, the SES also had a great stretcher challenge
  • The Pool was heaps of fun with a blind retrieval game and a swim agility challenge
  • Athletics Club did a hammer throw
  • The Miners Cottage was a great source of clues with hundreds of old ornaments to choose from and heaps of history on show as well as using a metal detector to find clues
  • AFL club was involved with some skills challenges in the park at the weir
  • Rory Rhodes PT set up an awesome Fitness and obstacle challenge at the weir
  • The information center rewarded with some of the biggest points taking on SO MANY questions and challenges including a new challenge “Don’t lose your marbles” and Hot wheels and smarty sucker
  • Firefighters showed us what its takes to roll up and bowl out a hose….specific skills in that one and we also go to dress up in uniform
  • Participants also created and filmed their own “Towers Rush Rap” – we were super impressed with some of your skills and creativity
  • We found out the that lawn bowls are harder than they look (they are so skilled to be accurate)
  • The Golf club played host to a putting accuracy challenge and a MARSHMALLOW driving challenge, who knew you could whack a Marshmallow so far?
  • Zonta Club made us walk in women’s shoes and taught us all a thing or 2
  • The Ambulance tested our endurance with 10 minutes of CPR to try and keep our dolls alive…certainly a helpful skill and could save someone one day
  • The Vets tested our Dog knowledge and tested our agility too- with an egg and spoon
  • a mix of the other challenges were also in the mix and have a mix of favourites and new ones including he PING PONG PERSON challenge
  • we also found out kayaks can go backwards

We thank all of you for being a part of this event and hope we have inspired you to get out and do more things active and out of your comfort Zone.

Keep an eye on the Towers Rush Facebook Page for photos and a video to be released soon…Including some of the best Rap vids we have!

please upload any of your pics and vids to our Facebook page also.

Thanks to Charters Towers Regional Council for the Initiative support, we are excited to be partnering with council for Next year to bring you an even Better version of the event.